Team Rescue at the „Wolfssee“ Lake PDF Print E-mail

The co-operation between the waterwork group NRW and the lido “Poseidon” (Wolfssee/6 lakes district) meanwhile exists for 4 years. Starting rather hesitantly in the beginning, the bathing beach now can’t hardly be imagined without those dog/man teams. 
Not only from an entertaining and educational point of view the dogs are a significant enrichment, but also from an operational one: the water rescue teams are in the meantime involved in action planning and well-integrated in the service of water patrol.

Poseidon Poseidon Poseidon Poseidon Poseidon

2 components are guarantors which shouldn’t be underestimated: there’s the high-dosed cuddling effect, especially on children, but on the other hand the enormous attendance and joy of these dogs with regard to that kind of work. The actual breed however doesn’t play an important part, if it’s a Bouvier des Flandres  -as in our case- or another  qualified breed. The bottom line is that the dog - just like the handler/lifeguard-  has to be able to accomplish various challenges and pass exams for the rescue service.
Fortunately there haven’t been any serious incidents, but for sure there are often situations proving what a helpful enrichment the dog/lifeguard teams of the waterwork group NRW can actually mean concerning those tasks.
Boat trips with the dog in the lido area are particularly effective gags, especially when -near the 2 islands-  it comes to competitive actions between the “occupants” and the team rescue dog: who can jump fastest from the wooden platform? Just those  jokes may help to grow a positive rapprochement between the water supervision staff and some over-motivated teenagers who thus learn to know and appreciate the great obedience, but also the dogs’ specifical vigorous commitment in a funny  way.