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October 19th 2009 we’ll always keep in mind as an essential highlight in Bryana’s waterwork career: together with her handler she brilliantly passed the team-rescue test scoring 248/250 points and so received the team-rescue diploma. What started as recreational fun for both soon turned into continuously increasing waterwork training and proved that Bryana didn’t have to hide in international trials. She didn’t only make points here and there, but also gained diverse cups in different waterwork events. So  further claims arose. Not only in waterwork as a dogsport, but in water-rescue teamwork!Being still in the early stages of development  in Germany, this discipline “Waterrescue” was for the first time held on that day, conducted by the DNK (in association with the VDH/FCI) and an international FCI judge. Of course the human partner/handler beforehand  had to absolve certain lifesaving certificates like the DLRG-Bronze and Silver, only this empowered to participate at all.Logically the dog must also bring certain basic qualifications in social behavior and waterwork to succeed!Water-team-rescue doesn’t really relate to canine waterwork as a dogsport, although many exercises seem similar at first sight. In waterwork the dog is the acting/performing part, in the team-rescue he becomes the closest partner and confidant of the lifesaver. In water the dog in the first place accomplishes  tasks as a  helper and motor (means of transportation), whereas  the lifesaver has the direct contact to the rescued person. That way the handler can start to take care of the helpless person having both hands free for acting and may  already begin with first care measures during the transportation ashore.