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Having been infected with the bouvier virus for 25 years we just HAD to get a puppy from our own bouvier lady “Samildanach’sBryana”. The chemistry was right, and so was the time. We started breeding plans with Bria. An appropriate stud dog with firm character, drive and love of water was finally found; all the necessary preparations/exams/tests were taken and successfully passed: breeding could begin! Bryana gave us 8 vivid healthy puppies and SHE decided:Amina will stay with us!
Sleeky like an Amazon, cheeky like a Tasmanian Devil, on the other hand contemplation mixed with energy and power: a balanced temper that is! Mother Bryana chose HER from all the puppies and we agreed! As a young dog Amina already demonstrated strong typicalbouvierqualities. She has been “woofing” and “grumbling” when strangers approached the garden fence and barking in case  nobody takes notice. But she always keeps cool and relaxed, no wonder with that amount of self-assertion!
But there’s nothing that keeps her away from children: she LOVES to play with them so happily that you could take her for a goat kid because of her bouncing and jumping with joy- also at steep mountain slopes or rocky embankments.
Luckily Amina didn’t stay alone: after puppy time her beloved brother Athos remained within reach, in close neighbourhood even! So these two adventurers keep on strolling along the Anger valley, their favourite huge playground. There’s nothing more exciting than chasing each other up the forest hills while splashing the water around wildly, just to get speed again downhill and jump into the water again and again! This is HEAVEN!
Amy shows interest and talent in several activities, but no mistake about it: her dream job is “SURFER”. What her mom started as a hobby, she turns into a real artistic show number (with people watching from the bridge above our training area): skipping on the surfboard as if on a catwalk she keeps gliding quietly into the lake district, just to study and smile at the other (human) water sportsmen, surfers or sailing boats. Standing upright continuously while balancing on all four paws- either waves or (mother’s) jerky rope pulling – without ever slipping off!
If she will follow her mother’s steps into waterwork/rescue or do her own thing, we’ll soon know. She will find her part anyway! Either in nosework, herding, carting, whatever her little bouvier heart desires: she will make it, as sure as she’s a real “waterproof” Bouvier des Flandres!