ANNA…with her our love for the BOUVIER started… PDF Print E-mail

…this here rather unknown race of the Flemish cattle dog.


We didn’t know much about the power of this beautiful  race when we picked the strongest and most audacious female in a litter. As a puppy little Anna already started exploring flora and fauna of the neighbouring woods: She curiously climbed logs and hills to keep an eye on the area or rather guard the family? Somebody competent had to do the herding after all, she might have thought.

After the birth of our son –Anna was two years old then- she claimed her job as unique animal fostress, letting nobody get near the baby carriage, not even her best friend Ludwig, a huge mastiff. Later she sensitively adapted her playful  vigor to that of the infants: As wild as she used to “rave” with master, the more she adjusted to the children’s abilities at any process of growth, a prove of enormous social  intelligence! Being tender and sensitive with smaller and weaker ones, the harder and keener she became in moments of threatening danger: She not only located and intimidated villains immediately, but in winter her 7th sense didn’t let us enter the frozen lake when it was about to crack!

With the male bouvier  Carlos she shared more than just weekly running and swimming sessions, both had a wonderful litter of which we kept a puppy of course:

NORA who slipped straight into our son’s arms when she was born.