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"Happy Hour" with mother Bryana and sister Amy

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Since the last puppy birthday meeting (1st) one year and a half has passed before Akyro made his way home from Magdeburg to the "AngerAuen" where he was born. The surprise was perfect and no doubt the dogs re-recognized their family ties. Not just those were celebrated, the youngster also re-vived his bonds of love to us as the first humans in his puppy life, as if we'd never been seperated for such a long time! 3 dogs walking, rather running the woods wildly and hilariously which made somebody take a breathing pause: Those 2 vivacious bouv ladies may even knock out such a huge guy- of course in a playful caring way. To say googbye again was so hard for our little fellow that we had to leave first with Amy and Bria before he was willing to enter his car and continue the trip.

But never mind: We're already looking forward to see you again, "Big Bro"!


AKYRO in Ratingen
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Walking homeland
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