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Our puppies don’t grow up isolated in a remote building, but within the family home; that means they’re used to every-day-life procedures, noises, visitors with children and other dogs. The “acclimatization” of new impressions becomes part of a continuous learning process.

Physical experiences dominate the early days while acoustic and visual inputs increase during the following weeks. Especially motor skills may be stimulated and fostered by different (flexible) undergrounds, soil conditions and play equipment applicable to puppies like see-saw, bath of balls etc. Our small playing course in the garden causes occasions enough to try out and experiment playfully. Finding a new home with ca. 9 weeks the puppy can continue and deepen these experiences in special puppy courses.

The close surrounding of the puppy-run as well invites them to take a sniff, feel out and discover flora and fauna. First trips into the environment promise new “adventures”. The car isn’t only a vehicle to visit the doctor; an early puppy acceptance of car driving -closely related to joyful destinations- may save the new handler lots of trouble and worries.